• Disneyland Pt. 3

    This was our first day in the park. As you can you see, the weather wasn't great in the morning. ... Read More

    Disneyland Pt. 3
  • Crab Boil

    We have a summer picnic at work every year and usually I help plan it, which means my co-workers are ... Read More

    Crab Boil
  • Dining Room Progress

    I am so excited to show you all the update on the dining room wall! It's FINALLY finished and I ... Read More

    Dining Room Progress
  • Protein Energy Balls

    I can tell I am definitely a mom of boys, because as soon as I typed out "balls" I started giggling ... Read More

    Protein Energy Balls
  • Back to School 2016

    Here we are...another year older and another year... Riiiiight. :) This year Trenton started 9th ... Read More

    Back to School 2016